Executive Team


ANE Executive Team

American New Energy COMPRISES individuals & PARTNERSHIPS with OVER 50+ YEARS of experience in the ENERGY business, including CONSULTING, energy SUPPLY MANAGEMENT & RETROFIT project services.

Matthew Trombly

President & CEO

Our CEO is responsible for the overall management and performance of American New Energy. His key day-to-day focuses include developing and maintaining the company’s strategic relationships and overseeing energy supply transitions for his customers. Mr. Trombly has extensive experience in the energy industry, having held numerous management positions over the past six years. For example, as Regional Vice President for a Florida based Energy Services Company; he alone was responsible for high-level business development decision making, solution implementation oversight and staff management. Matthew also founded a sales representation group in the energy business resulting in more than $80MM in business development over two years. Mr. Trombly graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Economics.

Thompson Kurrie III

Chief Business Development Officer

Mr. Kurrie holds the crucial role of developing new business relationships for American New Energy. Our company prides itself on cultivating long-term relationships with our customers and Mr. Kurrie is the backbone of this process. Thompson graduated from The University of Georgia when he began his success in the banking industry. He spent the better part of the next decade working in various roles from Private Banking to Private Equity. Mr. Kurrie gained his skills as a relationship builder over the years where his true specialty was in the area of Capital Raising. He has accounted for millions in equity, much of which has been in the energy industry. Thompson is also a partner in Enova Energy Group.

Robert J. Andrews

Chief Analytics Officer

Mr. Andrews provides with up-to-date energy intelligence and analytics ensuring that American New Energy remains a market leader in the independent energy-consulting arena. Roberts’ role is to supply ANE ‘s clients and consultants with unbiased energy related reports that focus on the current trends and issues within the global energy market. This crucial role highlights American New Energy’s commitment to knowledge, which is important in ensuring that ANE’s consultants provide the most innovative and cost effective strategies to its clients. Robert has a vast knowledge of the energy marketplace due to his work at the power intelligence firm, EnvaPower. Robert has also worked as a senior industry analyst focusing on real estate, transportation and financial services and has been featured in various publications, including the Risk Management Association Journal and Manufacturing Engineering Magazine.

Philip G. Trombly

Vice President of Sales

Mr. Trombly is directly responsible for the management of our sales staff. American New Energy has more than fifty sales representatives in ten territories around the country. Phil has the crucial role of monitoring their strategies to ensure our sales goals are met. Mr. Trombly has extensive sales experience having previously owned and operated a sales and marketing company in the leisure business. During the last twenty years his company was responsible for more than $450MM in sales, growing organically through a self-designed sales strategy.