ANE Industries


American New Energy is a leader in the energy consulting business. ANE offers its clients a variety of innovative energy supply procurement and energy efficiency retrofit programs geared around achieving sustainable cost savings. We also deliver structured project advisory services that aid in successful project implementation.

Our goal is not only to create energy cost savings solutions for our clients, but also to build and retain relationships with them. By taking an approach that focuses on transparency and value, we believe that customers will find that American New Energy is setting a new standard the industry.


We provide energy-related services for a variety of industries, including:


Manufacturing is a high demand business. ANE has a designed an energy cost savings approach that understands the value of a business’ need to meet deadlines and operate without any restrictions. We take a careful look at the way your scheduling and input measures that will ensure uninterrupted business function without sacrificing savings potential.


From Regional Hospital facilities to community outpatient centers, American New Energy has specialized products and services designed around the Healthcare industry. These solutions are all sensitive to safety standards, air quality requirements and most importantly, patient comfort.


The Hotel & Restaurant industry is one that presents a unique value to those seeking to create energy cost savings. American New Energy has optimized the savings potential in Hospitality industry by targeting measures that are adaptable to guests while providing results. Additionally we incorporate many innovative foodservice initiatives, as it is one of the highest energy consumers on site. Our goal is to increase your operating budget and our programs will achieve that.


Large Universities and local kindergartens alike operate in a manner that allows us to manipulate offerings to maximize savings. American New Energy has designed a series of programs that will align with operational consistencies to achieve results geared around savings and reducing your carbon footprint. These products and service will help you achieve your consumption reduction goals and explore a variety of renewable energy applications.


There is no space too small to create savings. ANE will work with retail businesses across the country ranging from 500 sq feet to 5,000,000 sq feet. The retail business is one that creates unique behavioral savings opportunities in addition to other more traditional programs. We have a set of simplistic applications and software options that create excellent savings results for both single bay locations and multi store chains.


American New Energy offers residential energy supply services throughout Massachusetts. We also have a variety of Home Energy Efficiency programs and manuals that will help you create energy cost savings at home! Home upgrades and efficiency appliances can be just a few options that will go a long way.