Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency

Our CLIENT centric FOCUS & customized APPROACH ensures our CUSTOMERS meet their ENERGY-RELATED needs, while SAVING time, MONEY & RESOURCES.


American New Energy offers a series of energy efficiency programs that are designed to lower energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. We take a detailed look at how your business is consuming energy and develop strategies that may vary from lighting retrofits to comprehensive energy management programs.

Here is how it works:

The process will start with one of our team members making a trip to your facility for a detailed evaluation of every energy consuming measure on site. After we understand what applications are in place, we will gather all applicable utility and operational data for comprehensive analysis. In approximately one weeks time our engineers will put together a detailed report outlining new measures American New Energy can offer to reduce energy costs. Our programs can be as detailed as an all-inclusive full service retrofit to a low hanging fruit manual that instructs our customers on how to implement solutions on their own.

Here are some just of the measures that we may suggest:

Lighting Retrofits – Our Engineers are designing the most innovative retrofits using the newest technology available today. American New Energy also has numerous factory direct relationships, allowing our customers to access industry low prices for fixtures and controls.

HVAC Retrofits – American New Energy offers its customers a variety of products that will result HVAC efficiency. From Direct Digital Controls to Occupancy Sensors and Variable Frequency Drives, we will identify the best way to upgrade your HVAC systems.

Fuel Conversions – As you may know, natural gas reached a ten-year low in 2012. American New Energy works with its customers to coordinate the development and implementation of Fuel Conversions on levels ranging from natural gas pipeline development to boiler conversions.

*We will also coordinate with your local utility company and state or federal agencies to arrange for all applicable rebates and incentives.

For the more “do it yourself” customer, American New Energy offers a variety of investment grade auditing options. For a fee we will have our team come to your facility and identify every applicable retrofit measure on site. With that information we will design an implementation program that outlines how to arrange installation of these applications, how each of these measures will effect your facility, project savings, complete rebate/incentive paperwork, give you access to our vendors and offer financing options.